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James is a professional photographer with over 14 years experience and has been commisioned for many recognised brands around the world. , Nikelodeon, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, FIVE, UKTV, Coutts bank, Oil Salvage LTD, David Lloyd Leisure, ATACC emergency training services and many more.

Stackphotography commercial can help with your overall portfolio or photographic library. This could mean a diverse series of images which tie together to present a story or brand. Whether it be headshots, construction, interior design and surrounding environment / lanscape photography.

Our environmental photography experience has given access to many challenging and dangerous environments such as caves, cliff edges, delapidated buildings, rooftops, rivers, bridges, train lines, tunnels and countless TV stunt environments (see also With a high degree of heath and safety awareness and a respect for where you are is paramount to a successful commission so this comes with great experience.

If you are thinking about your next photography commission for a particular commercial vision then please get in touch.